Today, every two minutes, people take as many pictures as were taken throughout the entire 19th century. We all have more and more images hidden away on phones and hard drives, but fewer ways to enjoy and share them. Stonepress is a new way to create gorgeous art from your special favorites — modern, rustic, and beautiful. 

There’s nothing we’d rather do than bring dilapidated fences and piles of construction materials back to life as wonderful art. In our Minnesota workshop, reclaimed wood becomes perfect frames for people’s most treasured memories, family moments and gifts from the heart. 

All of our products are handmade in the USA, within the walls of our Farmington, MN, workshop and our Minneapolis studio. We print images directly onto rich stone composite surfaces with new-generation, high quality, durable UV-cured ink. Every piece is unique, but the quality of our handcrafted  final product meets our highest standards every time. We want you to love your Stonepress print as much as we loved making it. 

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Professional PhotographerS

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We formed Stonepress in 2015 to merge our passion for images and photography with our love of design and all things handcrafted and unique.
— Vladimir Vukojevic and TJ Thoraldson, owners