Q: How do I hang my Stonepress print?

A: The frame comes ready to hang with a Hangz saw tooth system already attached. Just attach the hook (included) to the wall to easily and securely hang your new StonePress print. This video explains how the Hangz system works: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV7jnizR37jrqPdxtQSv-8w

Q: How do I care for my Stonepress print?

A: The printed surface is scratch resistant and durable but it's best to take care while handling and keep fingerprints to a minimum. The surface can be wiped off with a dry, lint-free cloth similar to the ones used for cleaning your eyeglasses or computer screens. We oil the wood frame with teak oil to give it a rich, healthy look. To keep it looking good use a soft cloth and some teak oil (danish oil could work too) on the frame only – avoid the stone surface.


Q. Where do you get the wood to make the frames?

A. We gather wood locally from fences that have fallen down, barns, and leftover construction materials –  wherever we can find it. We bring the wood back to our shop and bring it back to life as a new Stonepress Frame. Let us know if you have some wood you would like us to pick up – we''ll make sure you'll get a couple of frames in return.

Q: Is the frame actually surrounding stone?



Q: I am having trouble uploading my image. Any tips?


Q: I would like to split a photo into several frames for a custom look. How do I go about doing that?


Q: How do I know what color the wood in the frames will be?


Q: I have an old fence or barn I would like to get rid of. Can Stonepress come and pick it up?


Q: How do you finish the backs of the frames?



Q: Do you ship internationally? 



Q: Do vintage photos work on a Stonepress print?



Q: I would like to give a Stonepress print as a gift, but I'm not sure what to choose.



Q: Will my image fade?                                                          




A:  At our studio, we pour and mix a stone composite which has the characteristics of stone in its strength and smoothness. It creates the surface onto which we print your artwork and memories.


A:  Please make sure you are using the most current version of Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox for the upload tool to work properly. If you are still experiencing problems feel free to email us a photo at info@stonepressprints.com


A:  We can help with that. Email our team at info@stonepressprints.com and we can suggest a configuration for you. We'll also email you a digital proof, so you can see how your artwork will look.


A:  We get a variety of types of wood in our search for reclaimed materials so we can't guarantee what type you will get. Rest assured, we always select the frame that best compliments the image you uploaded. Each frame is perfect in its own character and imperfections.


A:  If you are near the Minneapolis area, we would love to come out and take that off your hands. We'll be sure to get you a few frames from the wood, too.


A:  We find previously-used cardboard boxes and cut them down to finish off the back of your Stonepress print.


A:  We are currently set up to ship USPS ground in the US (lower 48 states) and Canada. Email us if you would like one shipped further than that and we can get you a quote.


A:  Vintage photos look incredible on a Stonepress surface. Simply get the image scanned at a local photo store and upload the image to our site. You can give an old photo new life on one of our frames.


A:  You can always buy them a pre-printed frame in our "Shop for Art" section. If that's not quite right, get them a Stonepress gift certificate, and they print one of their own favorite photos.


A: We use UV inks that are resistant to fading as well as adding an additional UV protectant coating which helps protect the image's surface.