At Stonepress, we love making art more artful.

We print beautiful images — both yours and ours — directly on to smooth,
rich stone composite surfaces. Then we frame the prints using rustic reclaimed wood,
sourced from discarded fences, weather-worn buildings and anywhere else
we can find it. The result is unique, high-quality, ready-to-hang art.
It’s the perfect way to elevate your images.


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I am obsessed with Stonepress! I cannot say enough about this product. What a unique way to display your most cherished memories. The craftsmanship and quality of each piece is top notch. The subtle imperfections make every print a one of a kind. This will be my go to gift for every occasion. I cannot wait to showcase this art all over my walls, and the walls of my friends and family.
— Charissa

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I love my Stonepress print!! It turned out beautifully and it was an image I took with my iphone. I love that the frame and print are one piece and not covered in glass, like it was made just for me. It was so easy, all I did was upload my image. The hardest part is deciding which picture I want for my next Stonepress print.
— Heather

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High-tech meets handcrafted. We love what we do.

I got the framed prints last night, and I have to tell you, I think they came out great. This is a great product, totally unique and beautiful. I’m really impressed and excited about it! Thanks for your work in getting it to look so great- I’ll be back for more.
— John