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During a trip overseas we saw a little gallery that was displaying artwork and photos in a way we had never seen before and knew that we wanted to bring our own version of these beautiful, sustainable, frames to the US. After months and years of testing and creating we finally came up with a formula and process we are proud of and that lives up to our high standards.  We knew people would appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each frame and the fact that we are turning a material destined for a landfill into a keepsake that will grab people’s attention in its dimension, beauty and uniqueness.

When we say handcrafted we mean it. We start by getting a tip on some fence wood, an old barn, or a site with construction materials that is about to get discarded and head out with our trailer or sometimes large truck and rescue the materials from being thrown away. We bring the weathered old fences back to our wood shop and begin the process of dismantling, removing the nails, and ripping the fences apart to get our supply stocked up.

The wood is then ripped, planed to soften the years of buildup, cut down and assembled into the frames and each frame is hand-sanded until they can pass our quality test. We add a couple of different layers of a matte finish polyurethane to bring all the grain, knots, warmth, and uniqueness and beauty of the wood and bring it back to life.

The next phase crates the beautiful, smooth, unique stone-like surface onto which we print your photos and artwork to give it a look like nothing else. We mix up our own special blend of a stone composite and have found the perfect consistency to pour a thin layer into each frame. We let it dry for a week to make sure it is has completely cured and is ready for printing.

After researching several printers we found the one that could meet our tough quality requirements. The frames are loaded into the printing bed and the blank canvas turns into a vivid, colorful piece of art. The ink is cured by UV light which bonds the ink with the surface and creates the durable, beautiful quality which makes these frames unique. We even add an additional coating of UV protection just to make your artwork doesn’t fade.

Even the back of our frames have a story — we source local business that are discarding large quantities of cardboard and take it off their hands to use as our backing material which gives your frame it’s support and finishing touches. The hangz system is also added at this time which makes it very secure and easy to hang.

We are proud of each and every frame that goes out of our Minnesota studio and has been touched by us about 40 times to get it to the point where it’s ready to hang on your walls. This has become a passion for us and we feel privileged to see people’s life moments and memories come to life on our frames. Stonepress frames don’t look like other canvas prints, prints on wood, paper prints, or any of the other mediums photographs are printed on today and we love that. We know you will love the unique quality and dimension our frames provide and be proud to hang them in your own home — each frame has it’s own story, that’s something that most people can’t say about any of the many frames hanging in their homes. We hope you want to share that story and be as proud of the artwork as we are. Our frames are made with love and it shows.